FutureNet just like Facebook but YOU GET PAID

 I bet you use Social Media platforms every day. Perhaps you use multiple ones such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter to name only a few but do any of these social media sites actually pay you to post content, like posts or indeed even share? I'm sure you have heard of the famous Irish group  U2 and the lead singer Bono, indeed you will often his name connected to many African charities as he does sterling work for many good causes but do you actually realise that when Facebook launched Bono bought shares. Now if I had been asked to buy shares I would undoubtedly have thought who in their right mind is going to look at a photo I post of my dog and hit a button to say "I like it" but Bono saw something more and so got involved. Today Bono is a multi-millionaire but do you know that Bono has generated more income from Facebook than he has from singing. A new social media platform was thought about in 2012 and since then has been under development and testing etc. In April 2016 I was invited to look at FutureNet and discovered it to be easy to use as it used the same platform layout as Facebook. The few differences are in FutureNet one Recommends which is the same as Share in Facebook. Another major attraction is the fact that FutureNet is also free to use just like Facebook. But do you ever wonder where the $18billion of revenue that Facebook generated last year came from? I can say that most of it was generated through advertising and people playing games on the platform but unlike Facebook which shares its profits with its shareholders like Bono the founders of FutureNet have decided to pay a whopping 90% of profits to the users - people just like you and me. 



But FutureNet not only provides a social media platform but also an advertising revshare program. If you join this program you are allocated points which you can then spend in the FutureNet office to buy Landing Page, Future Cloud, Future Blog, Video Production, Video Email and other products. So after reading this short review are you ready to learn more about FutureNet and discover how you could easily be making more money this year than you did in the previous year.